“Roxie’s Powder Room is a company ordained by God to serve women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and nationalities.  This company is dedicated to assisting women to achieve wholeness and lively godly lives.  Far too many of us have settled for good enough.  Don’t just settle, be more!  It’s time to grow up Ladies and not just to grow up but to stay up!  Roxie’s Powder Room can help you become the woman God created you to be so you can live a life of fullness, wholeness and love.” - International Chaplain assigned to the United Nations, Apostle Prophetess Racquel Stroud

"I thoroughly enjoyed the "His Daughters" Christian lifestyle sessions with Roxie's Powder Room!! I received services from Ms. Amy Ricks in Fall 2013. From the first consultation through my last session she was very professional, supportive, and knowledgeable. I received a thorough assessment for my first session and assignments each week specifically tailored to help reorganize my lifestyle. She taught me how to prioritize and set attainable goals to help minimize stress and accomplish more on a weekly basis. As a Christian, I was personally very pleased with her knowledge of the Bible and use of scripture for affirmations and structure! I also appreciate that she provided flexible availability to help support me even during my busy schedule. I am very satisfied with the services I received from Roxie's Powder Room and I would recommend them to my friends or anyone else looking for friendly and professional guidance, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!" -Shayna M.

"I have been a client of Roxie's Powder Room since late 2013.  In the past, I tried to read books, listen to audio tapes, and watch videos but nothing seemed to 'stick'.  After becoming a client of Roxie's Powder Room, I have learned so much about myself.  I appreciate the fact of receiving guidance from someone who is very knowledgeable in each subject, and she also has experienced situations similar to what I am currently going through.  It is very comforting to talk to someone who understands what you are going through and is determined to see you not stay where you are!!! As a Christian, it is wonderful to receive help and encouragement from someone who deeply loves the Lord.  Her suggestions and recommendations for me are always focused with GOD in mind.  Mrs. Amy Ricks ensures a relaxing and exciting atmosphere during our sessions.  I enjoy each one and always look forward to the next one!  I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance and information to better themselves in all aspects of their lives!!" - Kimberly W.

"This session truly blessed me in so many ways. God was telling her all of my business as well. It was a great session with her. " - Lashonda F.

The LORD really uses her ( AMY) to give insight on how to become a better you... from self esteem to having a better relationship with HIM. To fashion and organizations and housekeeping. .... if she gives you homework it will only make you go deeper within your self to be a better YOU. - Annette J.

For the past year, I struggled with what my purpose was. I had a very difficult time seeking if what I thought it was; was actually God-ordained. I was waiting to hear an audible voice from God stating what he wanted from my life. I was even waiting for a “burning bush” incident that would be my sign of clarity. I struggled so much to the point where I found myself becoming depressed out of frustration. I found myself having difficulty in sleeping and woke up with no signs of excitement. I was down in a slump and needed to get out. This past summer, a prophet prophesied over me saying that I have been struggling with finding out what my purpose is within the past several months. Man was he right! He added that my purpose is right in front of me and has been the entire time. I felt a sense of relief but I was still taken back because I had no idea what was actually in front of me the whole time meant. I knew I had a deep passion with motivating and encouraging others but did not find peace in categorizing myself as a motivational speakers. Months later in December, I called in to Prophetess Racquel Stroud line which was a celebrating of her spiritual babies. I waited hours on the line waiting for my name to be called but I had to get off the line because it was getting late and I had work the following morning. After I hung up; I texted Racquel that I had to leave the line and went to bed. In the middle of the night I thought I heard my phone ring but stayed in bed because I thought I was dreaming. Silly right? I got out of bed and saw a missed call from a California number (conference line) followed by a text from Racquel stating that it was okay but that my name was called. The message also read that I won a free session with Amy followed by words of appreciation. I was excited and quickly felt nervous because like Racquel, Amy does not play when it comes to the truth and God’s words. I scheduled my session with Amy on Wednesday December 31st without the realization that it was New Year’s Eve for 5:00pm. Amy began to pour out what God was telling her. My heart stopped when she said she hears God telling her something about writing! Keep in mind that I have been writing since 2006 but slowly stopped due to my lack of confidence. Amy began to say that there is an anointing with my writing and that God has called for me to write! I explained to her my journey with writing in the past and that I also write poetry. I also told Amy that when I write I get an excitement but never thought that to be my purpose because I could never see myself actually publishing my work due to the intensity of the process. I began to make a connection with what was prophesied in the summer about my purpose being in front of me the entire time. As I began to share that with Amy, my eyes were filled with tears and my words were delivered in a choppy yet excited manner. I felt a breeze of peace seep into my heart. Now Amy was not through with me yet. She began to share with me that God does not talk to me in an audible voice that I would like but he talks to me through what I observe. She said that when I go for walks, I find myself being inspired from what I see and that those ideas that are formulated are from God. Man when I tell you I almost began to shout and get my praise dance on, I am NOT lying. At my current job, I go on walks to clear my mind and every time I get back into the office, I obtain a revelation of some sort or an idea of what to write. I was beyond amazed and felt a sense of relief that my observations from what I see through my ideas and inspirations are from God. To conclude that awesome session, Amy mentioned that she also did not realize that our session was on New Year’s Eve. As we are about to enter into 2015, I finally had my prayers filled with frustrations, tears, depression and anxiety answered. I finally received confirmation of my purpose! It was truly in front of me the whole time! Glory be to God. Amy gave me specific instructions to write and to never stop writing! She encouraged me and said that my words have a power to touch a person in a way that is deep. I was at that point overwhelmed with emotions and began praising God along with Amy on the phone. That was an amazing and powerful session! I am very thankful that as I walked into 2015, I walked into the new year with clarity and confirmation. Life seems much sweeter now because I know that my purpose is now my focus and that there is work to be done; beyond my regular 9 to 5 job.
Thank you Amy! God bless you and I love you. - Joy O.


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