There’s Something Only You Can Do That People Need


Hello Beautiful People :) Happy New Week!

I want you to think about something:

What is something you believe you can do and do well?

I want you to really think about it. It could be hair, creating jewelry, marketing and advertising, childcare, etc. Take some time to really think about what that thing is. 

Are you thinking? 

Ok, maybe you need some help:  what do most people compliment you on? Is it your cooking? Your style? How you communicate? 

I want you to think about that thing you do that is so effortless, so second nature, like it just in you to do. 

Ok, do you know what that thing is? Yes? Ok good!

Now, next question: what are you doing with it?  Are you serving others with it? Turned it into a business? Perfected and cultivated it?

If you have, great! If you have not, why not?

Do you know that God has given each and every one of us gifts and talents fit the purpose of serving others? And do you know that by you not doing something with those gifts and talents, people are missing out on what they need, specifically from you?

See listen, there’s only one you. There’s no one else who can talk like you, smile like you, or even do what you do how you do it. Ok, you may be thinking, there’s SO many other people who do what I do. But can they do it LIKE YOU? Can they do hair LIKE YOU? Can they do makeup LIKE YOU? Can you they design clothes LIKE YOU?

What is the world missing out on by missing out on what you can give?

So Beautiful People, let’s get serious about this thing. No more excuses. It’s time to do what you can do and do it with everything in you so people can get what they need for you. Not only will they be blessed in you doing so, but you’ll be blessed as well!


Amy :) 


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