Soulful Sunday: Sometimes, It’s As Simple As Getting Back Up & Starting Again


Happy Soulful Sunday Beautifuls!

There will be times that we miss it. There will be times that we mess up. There will be times where we will do what we're not supposed to do. There will be times where we don't do what we are suppose to do. In all of this, it's important to get back up when we fall and start over. 

If I may be transparent, there are times when I focus too much on the fact that I did something that caused me to fall. I analyze my thoughts, my behavior and my reasonings for doing such a thing. But now, I'm moving in the direction of "getting over it" at a faster pace. There will be lessons I have to learn just like they'll be lessons I have to teach. Throughout it all, my focus has to be to get back up again!

So on this Soulful Sunday, if you've done something or even said something that you're not proud of, do yourself a favor. Learn the lesson, start over and keep it moving. Don't let the fact that you've made a mistake keep you from moving forward... and moving forward quickly. Besides, look at Jesus’ example: if He can get back up, so can we! 

Amy :) 


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