Self Care Saturday: Three Reasons Why It's So Hard to Relax


Hello Beautiful People :) Happy Saturday!

It's Saturday here at Roxie's Powder Room so that means we're focusing on self care.  As I'm writing this, I can't help but think about those of us who know we need to relax but for whatever reason, we don't.  


I will tell you why:

1. Our minds are going 15,000 miles per minute! 

There's SO much stuff on our minds right? The spouse needs this.  The kids need that.  This needs to be paid.  That needs to be approved.  This appointment is on this day.  That recital is on that day.  It's always something to do and something to remember.  And it's very challenging to experience your body at rest when your mind isn't.

2. We're so use to moving that we don't know how to stay still!

Are you the type of person who's always in motion? I mean, you really don't know how to sit down? You tell yourself, "I'm not going to sit down because if I do, it's a wrap!" Ok. I get it. You're hustling.  You're grinding.  You have goals.  You have things to do. But... when are you going to put you on your to-do list?

Now, you do want to know the TOP reason why it's so hard for your to relax??

3. You feel guilty for doing nothing.

To the go-getter who can't put their phone down; to the single mom who's doing all she can do; to the married father of 4 who's taking care of everyone and everything... I get it. You think that any and all free time should be dedicated to getting that money. I get it. I truly do.  But taking a moment to refuel and recharge is SO necessary and vital to your health and well being.  Did you know that doing nothing is actually doing something?   I'm not suggesting to be lazy or slothful. I'm talking about taking some time to and for yourself and not feel guilty about it!

Think about it:

What is there to feel guilty about? Really.. Why?

So Beautiful People, which category (or categories) do you fall into?  What are you prepared to change this? Yes, I commend you for giving 100% everyday to accomplish everything you're trying to accomplish and fulfill your goals.  Just make sure that while you taking of everything and everyone, you include yourself!


Amy :)


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