Why Do I Feel Like I'm Behind?


Hello Beautiful People! Happy Thursday!

So as I took a break in preparing for my tasks for tomorrow, I thought about the current state of the world.  While everyone is still mulling over the Inauguration, the fashions of Michelle Obama, and how history was made, there are some of us who are struggling and feel like... you’re behind.

If you think about it... you feel stuck. Like, no matter how you much you believe you're moving forward, you're really not moving at all.  You look to your left and find this one is making six figures.  You look to your right and this one brought yet another investment property. But when you look at what's in front of you, you feel... like... what have I really accomplished?

First let me tell you: you're not alone. There are other people who are in the world RIGHT NOW experiencing the same feelings.  Yes, even those with millions of followers on social media.  Yes, even those with millions of dollars in the bank.  At one point or another, there are others who have felt like.. they're behind.

Well let me tell you this next: who told you just how long it's suppose to take?  Is there a guide that you are referencing that tells you the exact date and time, you should have this amount of money with this house with this amount of square footage and with these amount of stocks? The answer is more than likely NO.  Your journey is your journey.  With all of the twists and turns and everything that comes with it, this is your journey to live and what a beautiful one it is.

Think about this: What if you are actually behind? What if there is indeed a delay who's purpose is to develop the character that you'll need as you make your journey? What if there's a level of patience that needs to be cultivated which you'll need at the next phase of your life?

Now Beautifuls, I understand that it can be challenging to desire to be at a place in your life and feel like you're not actually there or even no where near.  If that's true, re-evaluate where you are, what got you there, what's working and what's not and then make the necessary changes and move forward.  Don't waste another minute being frustrated, sad nor discouraged.  Keep going, keep pushing and keep moving and you're bound to get to where you want to be or even better, you can surpass it!


Amy :)  


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