What If What’s Holding You Back... Is You?


Good Afternoon Beautiful People :) Happy Thursday :) 

What truth do you need to tell yourself? 

Some of us are only going to be released from the emotional and mental prisons that we’ve put ourselves in by telling ourselves the truth. Now, the truth can be a scary thing to face but interestingly enough, it’s vital that we face it. There are so many people that are so comfortable with a lie and not because they want the lie, but they actually want the comfort. They want to be able to feel good. But the thing is, comfort can only last but so long,  especially when you’re in the mist of growing. 

Have you ever heard of growing pains? There’s a reason why it’s called growing pains.  There’s a certain level of a pain that accompanies growth that is unavoidable. You can’t have growth without having pain. I know you've heard the term, no pain no gain right? So in order for us to gain something, there must be some pain involved. Want to lose weight? Involve exercise, which can be what? Painful. So on this Therapeutic Thursday, allow yourself to be free and walk in truth. If you can walk in painful heels, you can also walk in painful yet freeing truth.  Lol!
But seriously, tell me, what truth do you need to tell yourself today? Whatever it is, tell it TODAY!

Now, for those who struggle with hearing and receiving the truth, let me help you. I will walk you through this process. Send me a private message and let’s start this journey together! 


Amy :) 


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