Fashion Friday: It’s Black Friday

 Hi there Lovebugs :) Happy Fashion Friday! 

There are millions across the world who are partaking in a particular event that happens once a year.  During this event, people have been known to  camp out for hours upon hours to catch incredible deals on various things such as electronics, clothing, and shoes. 

What event am I speaking of? 

Black Friday. 

I've never been one of those people who spends my entire year creating a strategy to shop on Black Friday. However, on this Fashion Friday, I want to celebrate all of you who are making fabulous choices to enhance your wardrobe and your life . I want to celebrate those who are are stepping out of their comfort zones and trying something new in reference to their appearance. 

If you are apart of the group who's been planning and saving, strategizing and orchestrating the best methods, plans and plots to get fashionable finds at low prices, I celebrate you! I pray that you find everything you desire and save a whole lot of money while doing it!

Amy :) 


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