Are You Ready to Tell the Truth on this Tell the Truth Tuesday?


Hello Beautiful People :) Happy Tuesday!

f Tuesdays have been dubbed by many as "Tell the Truth Tuesday".  These are some of my thoughts as I'm writing this. First thought: are Tuesdays the only days that's encouraged for us to tell the truth on? Second thought: where did this phrase even come from? Third and final thought: when did it start?

Nevertheless, it's Tell the Truth Tuesday and it's about time we really tell the truth to others and... ourselves. 

The word truth is define by New Oxford American Dictionary as "the quality or state of being true". The word true is then defined as "in accordance with fact or reality; accurate or exact". So when it's announced that it's Tell the Truth Tuesday, what's really announced is "Tell What's Fact, Reality, Accurate and/or Exact Tuesday". Whew! That's a mouthful but let's take a moment to explore this.

When speaking of the truth, there's another popular phrase that exists out there pertaining to it: "The truth hurts". So when we say "the truth hurts", what we're saying in essence is, "the facts, reality, accuracy and/or what's exact hurts".  (And the plot thickens..)

Now let me ask you this: do you know people who steer away from the truth simply because it has the ability to be uncomfortable to hear? Here's another question: are you one of those people?

What if I told you that yes, the truth can hurt.  It can also absolutely be PAINFUL.  But that's just the emotional experience we have concerning the truth.  But what about what the truth can also do: it can set you free.   

So now the question becomes, who's ready to be set free or shall I say, who's ready to celebrate "Tell What's Fact, Reality, Accurate and/or Exact SO YOU CAN BE FREE Tuesday?

Today is the day where you can (finally) be real with yourself and others by not just saying it's Tell the Truth Tuesday but actually telling the truth TO-DAY! So if you are ready to be free by telling your truths but are nervous about how uncomfortable it may feel, comment ME below so I can help you!


Amy :)



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