The Halfway Point: 6 Months Down, 6 Months to Go

After an unexpected hiatus, I’m so EXCITED to announce our blog is BACK. And let me tell you... what a year it’s been! Between growing pains, growth spurts, setbacks and challenges, Roxie’s Powder Room is emerging wiser, stronger and better! 

Interestingly enough, it’s July 1, 2020. What’s so special about this day? Well, today marks a new day, new month and the midpoint of 2020. Wow! Think about how your 2020 started. I’m pretty sure you had some things you wanted to accomplish; some things you wanted to do for yourself, family, business etc. 

But then came the Coronavirus. 

Then came the shutdowns all over the world. 

Then came the quarantine. 

Is this our new normal?

I’m pretty sure we’ve experienced a plethora of things during the last three months ALONE. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and others, discovered a lot about ourselves and others and even exposed some things about ourselves and others. 

And now we’re here. 

Midway through this life changing year. 

But guess what?

What if I told you that the first half doesn’t necessarily have to be an indicator of the last half?

What if I told you that at this halfway point of 2020 can be a time to restructure, review and re-evaluate things concerning you?


Well, first, recognize this: how something begins does not necessarily indicate nor show how it will end (remember the story of the tortoise and the hare?).  So say your year hasn’t gone exactly how you’d like it. Say you feel like you’ve fallen off, you even gave up. 

Guess what?

Start over RIGHT NOW! Take the wisdom and lessons from your triumphs and failures and apply it to the future. Now, true, we don’t know what can happen in these next six months but what we can do is be excited and in expectation of what could happen. 

What is something that can go right in the next six months?

What is something you can accomplish in the next six months?

What is something you desire to happen in the next six months?

So Beautiful People, let this halfway point check in serve as notice that it’s time to re-evaluate and review some things. Find out what’s working and what’s not. What’s progressing and what’s not. What’s improving and what’s not. Then, take these next six months to give 100% in making sure that the rest of this year is the BEST of this year!

You can do it, I believe in you!
Amy :) 


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