Don’t Let People Label You

Hi Beautifuls! Happy Tuesday :-)

Can I be real with you?

Today I got a phone call concerning one of my children. The Guidance Counselor was concerned that because my child seemed withdrawn and disinterested, he was depressed. Immediately, I got a stirring in my spirit because I know that my child is not depressed. I then also noticed that I began to get “excited” because I thought about how labels can be placed on children, actually people, so quickly. 

Why is it that we are so quick to label someone? And even more than that, why are we so quick to accept the labels that others place on us?

This whole situation has me thinking of us as people. How many of us have defined who we are simply by what others have said about us ? How many of us have built our self-esteem solely on the words of affirmation from others?

My questions to you today Beautifuls are: 

Who told you who you are? And an even better question, who do you say that you are?

As we continue to grow and develop, we have to be mindful of the labels that we attract as well as accept. Remember, everyone has an opinion, but unfortunately, not everyone knows truth!

Amy :) 

P.S. I will talk more about this on tomorrow night’s podcast, Roxie’s Powder Room presents His Daughters Talk Show. Be sure to tune in!


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