Will 2019 Be Your Best Year Yet?

Happy Saturday Beautifuls!

Everyone had different experiences in 2018. For some people, they will say that this year was rough. For others, they will say this year has been nothing short of fabulous. But the best thing is, in just two days, will be able to embark on a new year together. We get to start over. Start fresh. Start everything anew.

Me personally, I'm excited about this new year. There were a lot of things I learned in 2018 that I believe will benefit me greatly in 2019. I believe that this year will grant me the opportunity to walk in all of those things that I believe that I've been preparing for. I'm looking forward to growing more and walking in who God made me. I'm looking forward to a more passionate and fun marriage. I'm looking forward to being a better mother than before. I'm looking forward to my business expanding. I'm looking forward to all of the wonderful things that I believe 2019 will bring.

As we prepare to this year, let us truly bask in all that 2018 gave us. Let us enjoy each and every day in 2019, knowing truly that the best is yet to come!

Amy :)


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