The End of a Thing... is Actually the Beginning of Another...


Hello there Beautifuls :)

We just welcomed a new year, the year 2018. The thing that blew my mind was this: one minute, it was December. The next, January. 

Do you realize that at 11:59:59, it was the END of a day and a year and in ONE second, the end became the BEGINNING at 12:00:00 with a new day and new year!  Now why does this excite me???

Some of us feel that we are at our end. Whether it's our wits end or the end of our rope, we feel like we're just done. And just in ONE split second, BOOM! Our ending has now shifted to a new beginning. 

In other words, in the blink of an eye, in a split second, our circumstances can change, granting us a new beginning!  When we think it's over, when we think it's done, a new beginning can occur, giving us a fresh start. 

So if you're at you're end, REJOICE! That means in just a matter of time, in a split second even, your new beginning & your new season will begin! 

Now are you REALLY ready for something new??

Amy :) 


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