Thank God It’s Monday!

Happy Monday Beautifuls!

I know that some people may be wondering why I'm always SO hyped about Mondays.  Well, because to me, it symbolizes a new day which then gives way to new chances to get it right!

See, let me tell you a story:

At one point in time, I DREADED Mondays.  Monday said to me, "it's time to spend the next five days at a job that you're thankful for but not excited to go to because it doesn't support your dreams." Mondays meant the end of fun; the fun that I had over the weekend.  

Now Fridays, that was my day!  Fridays were the day that screamed FREEDOM; the days where I finally felt like I could live. 

And then my life changed....

I started to appreciate EVERYday and not just Friday. I understood that the beginning of a week is just as much of a big deal and the end of it. I also realized that every day that I’m alive is a great day because I’m here to live it!

So Beautifuls, take some time today and get excited that it’s Monday. That just simply means that you have the opportunity to start your week off doing something new. And besides, the way your week beginds helps determine how it ends! 

Amy :) 


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