Just How Brilliant Are You?

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Hello Beautifuls :) Happy Thursday!

As you are going about your day today, think about how you can add your own "personal brilliance" to the day. 

Now just, what is personal brilliance?

Personal Brilliance is your own unique and exceptional talent or intelligence. Think of it as something that you know extremely well.

Why is it important for you to add your own personal brilliance today?

It's important because it allows you to bring something that you know so well to the table.  You are like an important piece of the puzzle that adds value to not only this particular day but also, to the lives of those who you will cross paths with today. You get to add your opinion, your thoughts, your expertise, your advise and anything else that can contribute to the day.

So why not give your best today? Why not give 100% to any tasks that you have to fulfill today?  Because you have your own personal brilliance, you can help in making the difference between having a good day vs a GREAT day!

Amy :)


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