If You're Not Going to Do It, There's No Point in Saying You Will...

Good Afternoon Beautifuls :) Happy New Week!

How long have you been talking about doing something that you know you should have BEEN done?

What about those resolutions that you made? How far along are you with those?

If you know that you "talk" more than you actually "do", then Houston, we have a problem! As we are embarking on a new week and getting comfortable with this new year, I have to tell you the truth:


There. I said it.

We can want something so bad and not get it.  We can believe something so much and not see it come to pass.


Simply because we have not DONE anything about it.

BUT.. I have some good news.

There’s something you can actually do to change this.

Wanna know what is it?

Things can really change the moment we can begin to DO something TO change. It is action that produces change. It is action that produces results. If we keep on doing the same thing, we’ll keep
on getting the same thing. But, if you want something new, you have to do something new.

So Beautifuls, it’s time to cut out all of the talking and replace it with action. The best way to communicate in this season in your life is to allow your actions to speak for you!

Amy :)


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