You Have 28 Days to Get It Together!


Hi Beautifuls :) Happy New Week!

Yesterday marked the beginning of the first full week of December.  After this month, we will be transitioning into 2019. So, with that being said, I want us to give this month all that we've got. I want us to finish strong. I want us to do everything that we need to do to get things in order for 2019. 

Make a list of everything that needs to be accomplished by January 1st.  Whether it's a dr's appointment that you need to schedule or it's the garage that needs to be cleaned out, write everything that you need to do down. 

Once you write it all down, grab another sheet of paper. 

At the top of this sheet of paper, write “Sun 12/2 - Sat 12/8” and then skip seven spaces. 

Next, write “Sun 12/9 - Sat 12/15” and skip seven spaces. 

Then write “Sun 12/16 - Sat 12/22” and skip seven spaces. 

Now write “Sun 12/23 - Sat 12/29” and skip seven spaces. 

Finally write “Sun 12/30 - Mon 12/31” and skip two spaces. 

Now, using the list of everything that needs to be accomplished by January 1st, take one item off of your list and create steps that are needed to accomplish it. For example, one of your goals can be to clean out your garage. So, some examples of the steps needed to accomplish this are : 

1. purchase trash bags
2. Create three piles, give away, keep and donate 
3. Host yard sale

Continue using this format for each goal that you want to accomplish. Once completed, this will be your guide to complete everything that you need to do from now until January 1st. 

I believe that this week will be great. I think we'll see some great things happen as we prepare for what's to come. And for those who need assistance in getting things in order for 2019, all you have to do is email me at!

Amy :)


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