3 Steps to Creating Change in Your Life

Happy Tuesday Beautifuls!

How many of us are looking for a deep and everlasting change? Whether it's in our lives, in our relationships or at work? We just want things to be different, in a good way? Am I talking to you?

There's a few things that we must do to invite and welcome this change that we are looking for. The first thing is we need to identify what exactly it is that we want to change. Take some time and really think about what it is in your life, your relationship, that you truly want to change. 

The next thing is we need to know exactly how to change it. Once we understand what it is, we need to seek how to make it better. For example, if we desire to Live a healthier lifestyle, first we need to decide what a healthy lifestyle is and then decide how we will go about living. I healthier lifestyle could mean more exercise, choosing to eat healthier foods and so on.

The last thing is we need to do is make a decision and commit to actually changing. This actually can be the most challenging step. Why? Because after we make a decision about something, we are usually tested on that decision. We are placed in situations where circumstances can actually work against our decision as opposed to supporting it, therefore putting us in a place where it's hard to keep our commitment.  For example: we make the decision to eat better and as soon as we get to work, they're having a pizza party. Are we going to continue to commit to eating healthier and pass up on the pizza or because of the circumstances, are we gonna decide to forfeit our commitment and eat the pizza anyway?

So Beautifuls, we have some work to do. But guess what, we can do it!  I believe that this time when we set out to change the things we really want to change in our lives, we can actually succeed because we will put action behind our desires! 

And if you need any assistance in identifying what it is you need to change and even how you need to change it, email me at roxiespowderroom@gmail.com so that we can began this wonderful journey of change together!

Let's do it!
Amy :) 


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