Trying to Balance It All

Happy Tuesday Beautifuls!

Maintaining balance has been a major theme in my life and I'm still doing my best to master it.  Initially, I believed balance was all about making sure my priorities and responsibilities were in order so I gave the necessary attention to whatever task or assignment I was working on at the time.  Now, I've come to know that balancing also extends to my time, attitudes and beliefs.  What do I mean? I'm glad you asked :)

The quest for maintaining balance in a world that's fast paced and instant can seem like a mission that's just TOO hard to accomplish.  We have SO many people & things that demand our attention so it's no wonder that we're tired, stressed out and weary.  When we begin to take inventory of our lives and all of our commitments & responsibilities that we're assigned to, we can begin to understand the importance of having and maintaining balance.  We all know what happens when we don't!  We spend too much time in this area which leads to that area being neglected or we try to do everything under the sun when we only have two hours to do it!  Many of us overextend ourselves because we think it's admirable or we're trying to impress others even though it leaves us burnt out.

But NO MORE after today! 

I challenge you all to invite balance in your life.  How can you begin?  For starters, take some time to write out your life including all of your responsibilities, your commitments and duties.  Next, prioritize them. (Remember, everything is NOT a priority).  After your prioritize, assign a specific amount of time to honor and fulfill your responsibilities.  (Ex.  Carving out 1/2 hour a day to have some quiet time to reboot and re-energize).  Finally, commit to living a more balanced life.  Note: It will not happen overnight but we know that it's the small steps we take that will lead to habits we make.

I know I offered just a few tips here to get you started but if you would like more assistance in having a more balanced life, contact us here at RPR for our services.  We are dedicated to assisting our clients in looking good and feeling great and also, supporting you in having and living a more balanced life.  For additional information, email us at

Cheers to a new YOU!
Amy :)


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