Are You a Reactor...or a Responder?

Good Afternoon Beautifuls!

It's important that we remain calm and cool when certain situations happen. Yes, things happen that are beyond our control but we must understand that we can control however our responses to it. 

Are we the type that when things fall apart, we fall right apart right along with them?


Are we the type that do our best to remain cool in the mist of heated situations? 

I'm sure we've been told that certain situations come our way to test us and strengthen us. Think about it this way: what are these situations preparing us for? What is on the other side of these situations that we must first go through them in the first place?

I believe there's some wonderful things headed our way Beautifuls and I hope we're ready for them. Whenever adversity comes, know that there's a great opportunity not too far behind it. So, if you're experiencing A LOT of friction, uncomfortable and chaos, REJOICE because greater is coming. 

Amy :)


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