31 Days of Styles: The FIVE Must Haves for Hair!

Happy Wednesday Beautifuls!

It's Day 12 and we're talking about the FIVE MUST HAVES for Hair.  Now these are the staples that every woman should have in your hair aresensal.

What are they?  Check them out below!

1. Shampoo

Clean hair leads to great hair.  Now matter your texture, you need a great clarifying shampoo to cleanse your strands.  For the record, I am NOT a hair professional but let's face it: we should know how important it is to keep our tresses clean!

2. Conditioner

Having a good conditioner helps strengthen hair and restore moisture.

3. Oil

A great hair oil can not only give your hair a nice natural shine but it can also moisturize dry scalp.

4. Wide tooth comb

Yes! We actually need to detangle and comb our hair. Combing with a wide tooth comb can lessen the amount of hair breakage and damage.

5. Hair Dryer

A good hair dryer can do wonders for your hair.  Just make sure your dryer has a cool setting on it as well.

And there you have it, our top FIVE Essentials for Hair.  I know that we all want healthy hair and we can start by making sure we have these five staples and we'll be on our way!

Amy :)


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