31 Days of Style: It’s Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring Beautifuls!  

We are so excited here at Roxie's Powder Room for the first day of Spring. As we are in the process of transitioning from boots and (faux) furs to sandals and sundresses, let us also take the time to consider what it is that we are expecting this season. 

With each new season comes a new opportunity to change things for the better. And since we are in the midst of 31 Days of Style, let us consider our image. Let us consider how and not just what we want to be. 

Does your style truly reflect who you are? 

Does your appearance need some fine tuning?

As we embrace this new season, let us celebrate it by featuring our picks for cute sundresses for Spring. Always an instant outfit, you can pair a sundress with a cardigan if you're headed to work or pair it with heels and drop earrings for a night out with friends. 

Amy :) 

**Pics are from Google.com**


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