Why Don’t You Do Something for You..


Happy New Week Beautifuls!

I truly believe that we are going to be experiencing some changes this week. I believe that things will begin to turn around for our good. Now, in saying that, what are we prepared to do for us?

We are usually great at doing things for other people. But for some reason, we usually are hesitant or slack when it comes to doing something for ourselves. We put ourselves last on our to-do list (if at all) and we wonder why our goals are not getting accomplished. We wonder why we're still in the same predicament and situation that we were in last year. When are we going to do something about it? Well, TODAY, we are!


I want you to think about all of your goals, your dreams and your passion. Think about your heart's desires. Think about all that you want to accomplish. Now, WRITE IT ALL DOWN!  Even if it seems far fetched or too good to be true, write it down. Seeing your goals written down on paper brings them to reality. It makes your confront them and is a great starting point for you to do something about them!

The next thing to do after you've written everything down, is to create an action plan. Take each goal and write down everything you believe you will need to accomplish it. For example, say if your goal is to start a jewelry business. Think about everything you will need to start it: a logo, a business name, inventory, etc. I want you to do this for each goal that you have. 

Finally, after you've written down your goals, after you've created your action plans, now it's time to actually do something!  Put your action plan into action! Do those things that are necessary to accomplish your goals!


I truly believe that we will be experiencing some changes this week and I believe they will be positive changes. We just have to make sure that we are doing what we need to do to get where we want to get. If you are ready for your dreams to come true, ready to live out your passion, then today is THE day to start doing something for you by doing something about your life!

Amy :)


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