What to Do When You’re Going Through


Hi Beautifuls :)  Happy New Week!

It’s the second month of 2018. You’re doing your best to get and stay in the groove of things. You’re doing your best to walk in the newness that you declared that you would back in 2017.


There comes a point where things can just seem "too much". We have things going on at home, at work and in our lives that can put us in a place where we're just like, "enough already!"  But what do we do when we've had enough? We have to go through it. 

Many of us don't like to go through anything. We like for our circumstances to change the moment we experience any form of discomfort. (I mean, who likes to be uncomfortable anyway right?) We like for things to change when we want them to change. But what happens when things aren't changing the way we want them to and even how we want them to? In other words, how do we make it through what we're going through? By continuing to do what we need to do. 

The interesting thing is, we learned so much about ourselves and others as we experience rough and challenging times. It's usually during those times that our strength is developed as well as courage and endurance. Its usually during those times that we develop mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It's usually during those times where we see what we're truly made of. 

We have to keep focused on the things that we know we need to do while the things we're waiting and hoping to change actually change. We have to truly keep our minds in check, making sure we keep our desired end result in mind.  Is it easy? No. Will it be worth it? Yes! The hardest part is making it to our desired destination but oh, when we get there, it will definitely be a cause for celebration!

Amy :) 



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