Self Examination Should NOT Lead to Self Criticism and Destruction

Happy Tuesday Beautifuls :)

It's always a good idea to look ourselves in the mirror.  And I'm not just talking about from a physical standpoint. I'm talking about taking a moment to look over and examine yourself. Examine your heart. Your thoughts. Your life. But as we are examining ourselves, it's important that we notice and even respect that fine line between self examination and self destruction.

Self examination is just as it sounds; examining self.  It means to take a good look at yourself and seek understanding in why you may do the things that you do or say that the things that you say. Self criticism and destruction involves the harsh criticism and destruction of one's self through critical and destructive thoughts and behavior.

Did you know that we can be so critical of ourselves that it can cause us to see and focus more on the things that we don't like about ourselves as oppose to how great and awesome we are?

Did you know that, if we allow it, we can began to self destruct and lose sight of who we truly are therefore causing us to become estranged from our true identities?

So what can you do?

Before you take the time to take a closer look at yourself, resolve that no matter what you find, you are good enough! You are smart enough!  Your past does NOT define you.  The things you have experienced does NOT define you! You don't need to compare yourself to anyone you may see on Facebook, Instagram and any other social media site.

Change those things that you would like to improve. Stop those things that you no longer want to do.  Do your best to be a better you but don't beat yourself up.  NO ONE is perfect so even thought you make mistakes, know that you are STILL a wonderful and beautiful person!

Amy :)


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