Soulful Sunday: It’s a New Week... So What Are You Gonna Do with It??


Happy Soulful Sunday Beautifuls!

Here we are with yet another week before us that we can make the best of. This week can be a week of change, a week of growth and a week of insight. This brand new week can be full of expectation and excitement all wrapped up in one. 

I use to be one of those people who preferred Fridays over Monday’s. Why? Because I wanted to get the week over with. I wanted to fast forward Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and be taken straight to the weekend. 

Now, not so much. 

I enjoy the newness and freshness that a new week brings. I enjoy the opportunity to start over that comes with every week (and even every day). I enjoy being able to reflect on the previous week to see how I can make the current week EVEN better. 

So as we are going about our Sunday business, don’t forget to take the time to visualize, plan and prepare for the week ahead of you. Because what if I told that the only thing that’s keeping you from experiencing a magnificent week this week is preparing for and expecting it!

Amy :) 


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