Late Night Meditations: You Can Do It!


Hi there Beautifuls :)

How many of us feel that there is so much that is being asked of us? 

We have personal and professional responsibilities.  We have obligations at home, work and school. We're needed at church, the PTA, the family reunion board and everywhere else. We're pulled in many directions because of our wisdom, experience and ability to get things done. 

But I want us to consider something: have you ever thought that everything that is on your plate was actually suppose to be there?

Instead of looking at things in the negative, let's try to observe them from the positive. Have you ever considered that God has you doing everything that you are doing simply because you can do it?  Meaning you possess the necessary traits, attributed and abilities to perform what is being asked of you?  Granted, there is a such thing as being over worked and stretched thin. That's not what I'm speaking of. I'm talking about not realizing that you have a Power and strength in you that puts you in a position to do all that you were created to do, even when you believe you cannot. Sometimes, the only way to bring out what's in you is to be placed in situations that will bring it out of you! Imagine that!

So the next time you're placed in a situation where more is asked of you, more is required of you and more is expected of you, don't be discouraged, angry or fearful. Look at it as an opportunity for whatever God has placed in you to come out and be on full display for all to see, even you!  You don't know everything that's been placed in you but soon enough, you'll find out!

Amy :) 


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