Are You in the Race or Nah?

Happy New Week Beautifuls :)

There's a lot of things we need to pick up the pace on TODAY that will require us to get in the race. 

What race? 

The race that I'm referring to is the race towards your heart's desires. The race towards your destiny. The race towards your blessings. And to be quite honest, the reason why it's a race is because of the intensity and swiftness that's involve. See, we need to be running towards all of the greatness that we believe that's in store for us. See me, I'm chasing my dreams. I'm sprinting towards the open doors that I'm believing to be before me. So in order for me to run as fast as I can, I need to drop everything that's holding me back and holding me down so I can soar. 

So it's time to move Beautifuls!  We have a race to run. It's time for us to run towards all that's waiting for us. If you're tired of opportunities running past you, if you're tired of doors closing because you waited to long, if you're tired of everything going in slow motion, it's time to GET IN THE RACE!

Amy :) 


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