When You Change, Things Change!


Happy New Week Beautifuls :)

The above is such a simple statement but it’s also very true. Absolutely NOTHING can change unless SOMETHING changes. You may be thinking, “but I really do want things to change, so why aren’t they changing?!” 

Merriam-Webster defines change as "to make (someone or something) different".  That means, in order for there to be change, there’s something that has to actually be different. Think about it: It’s silly of us to think that if we keep doing the same old thing that we’ll get something different. Yes, we may want change. Even crave it. But absolutely nothing will change unless we do something about it. 

Now, with that being said:

What could you do differently RIGHT NOW to ensure that your situations or circumstances change? 

Think about the changes that you would like to make concerning your life.  Maybe you want to make simple changes, such as change your nail or hair color OR maybe you're looking to make more drastic changes such as move out of state or get married.

Beautifuls, be on the lookout for some very interesting changes this week.  Do not be afraid and do not worry.  Just simply go with the flow and move towards the change, not against it!

Amy :)


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