Soulful Sunday: Plan for What You Want and Expect That You’ll Get It!

Happy Soulful Sunday Beautifuls! 

I truly believe that this week will be a GREAT week.  Yes, I know I say that just about every week but it's true! Every week, even every day that we're given has the potential to be great. Sundays begin our week and I believe how you start a thing can contribute to the success of it in the long run. 

There are a lot of us that don’t get what we want simply because we haven’t planned for it. We spend so much time watching other people living their lives (through social media especially), that we don’t even put half of that energy into our own. We haven’t wrote down any goals, created any plans of action nor even visualized what we want our futures to look like.

Let me ask you this:

How are you starting your week off this week?

What are you looking to have accomplished/completed by this time next week?

What are you intentionally hoping and looking forward to happening for you this week, this month and the rest of this year?

Take some time today to think about the things that you would like to occur this week. Maybe you want to finish that book you've started reading months ago. Maybe you want to finally apply and go back to school. Maybe you want to finish filling out that application so that you can officially start your business. Whatever it is that you would like to do this week, plan for it! Look over your schedule and see when you can make it happen. 

It's time for us to be intentional about planning for the things we want in addition to expecting for great things to happen. Yes Beautifuls, we have to actually do something about them. Let your to-do list be your guide this week so that by the end of it, you will arrive a place that we all should be: satisfied and accomplished!

Cheers to a great week ahead!
Amy :) 


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