When Things Happen, Do You React... or Do You Respond??

Hi Beautifuls :) Happy Wednesday!

Why does it always seem like things happen at the WORST possible times?

We’re running late for work.. only to come outside and see we got a flat. 

We decide to go ahead and wear that white blazer we’ve been waiting to wear.. and someone spills something on it.

That friend that we thought we could trust... turned out to be not such a great one.


BUT, it's important that we remain calm and cool when certain situations happen. (Yes, even the ones that hurt us).  See, things happen that are beyond our control but we must understand that we can control our responses to it. (I know, I know. It’s easier said than done). 

We have to understand that certain situations come our way to test us and strengthen us. Whenever inconvenient, uncomfortable and ugly situations occur, we have to ask ourselves: 

What is the proper way that I should respond to this? 

Is this even worth me getting upset, sad or hurt over?

How would I want to be remembered as once this situation blows over?

I believe there's some wonderful things headed our way Beautifuls and I hope we're ready for them. Whenever adversity comes, know that there's a great opportunity not too far behind it. So, if you're experiencing A LOT of friction, uncomfortable and chaos, REJOICE because greater is coming. 

Now, I want to leave you with this: 

Are we going to be the type that when things fall apart, we fall right apart right along with them?


Are we going to be the type that do our best to remain cool in the mist of heated situations? 

The choice is ours. 

Now, let’s choose wisely

Amy :)


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