30 Days of Style: How to Get Dressed in FIFTEEN MINUTES or Less

Happy Tuesday Beautifuls :)

I get it, we're busy. We have A LOT going on.  We have a job/business to tend to as well as husbands, children, finances, responsibilities and everything else we have going on in our lives.  So the last thing we need to do is spend HOURS getting ready in the morning. What if I told you that there's a way we can actually get ready and dressed in FIFTEEN MINUTES OR LESS?!

"How?" you may be asking.  Keep reading to find out!

1. Take your shower at night.

Bathing at night is extremely helpful because it lessens the time you will need to get dressed in the morning.  The added bonus: you sleep better at night!

2. Pick out your clothes for the week (or at least the night before)

When my older boys were younger, I would have their uniforms ironed and laid out for the week to make our morning easier.  It took A LOT of stress off of me and helped my day flow so smoothly.

3. Spend five minutes washing your face and flossing and brushing your teeth. 

Every morning, I wash, tone and moisturize my face.  If your're looking for a simple 3 step routine, click to see my blog, My Simple 3-Step Facial Cleansing Routine.

4.  Put on a five minute face.

Fill in your eyebrows. Throw on some mascara. Finish off with some lipstick. DONE!

5. Get dressed!

Because you already picked out your clothes, all you have to do is put them on!

And there you have it!  Getting dressed in the morning no longer has to cost us so much precious time and energy.  With a little bit of preparation and pro-activeness, our morning routines can be effortlessly smoother which can have a positively dynamic impact on our day!

Amy :)


  1. We're getting into a new routine, I am definitely going to be taking some of these tips into consideration!!

  2. I need to remember to pick out clothes in advance! Great tips!

  3. Wow, great post dear! So interesting review!
    You have so interesting blog and I like it.
    Follow for follow? Let me to know on my blog.

  4. Very sensible approach. You mentioned the kids' uniforms - I love having a work uniform as it takes away the "what am I going to wear" angst. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love easy-peasy steps to complete my self that fast! Awesome routine each day!


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