Soulful Sunday: Retreat, Reflect, Renew

Hi Beautifuls :)

There comes a time where you have to sit yourself down and get you ALL the way together. That may mean taking a break from the things you use to do to concentrate on the things you need to do. That may mean withdrawing from certain activities for season to work self evaluate and work on your image, character and integrity. 

It's not a bad thing to take some time out to work on you neither is it a bad thing to purposely digress so that you can progress. Think about it, aren't we at a point where we're tired of talking about it that we must actually be about it now?

My suggesting of us taking a step back with things is not a ploy to run away from our issues. It's actually quite the opposite. It's a time for us to reflect, take inventory and even be very selective of the things we do in saying to make sure their support of the person that we're striving to become.  We're on a mission to truly change right? We're striving to become our true selves, Who we were created to be. And if that involves taking some time to retrear and reflect so that you can emerge as a beautiful butterfly that has undergone such a beautiful transformation, then so be it...

It's time to grow!
Amy :) 


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