Facing Your Fears

Transparent Post:

I had a few dreams last night where l believe God was showing me some insecurities and fears that I was still carrying with me. I mean, when I saw it I thought to myself, its time to really deal with this thing head on. 

Have you ever felt stuck? Like you can't run away from the thing you know you need to face but you also feel like you can't move forward either?

See, in the past, I've thought of every defense mechanism I could think of to avoid this ONE thing that I devised a long time ago I would NOT allow myself to feel again. What's that one thing: being hurt. 

Once you've felt a certain level of hurt, you do your best to do whatever is necessary to make sure you don't feel that hurt EVER again. The problem is, it keeps us stuck. Keeps us from moving forward. Keeps us from experiencing great relationships and friendships. 

So now, it's time for me to face this thing head on, renewing my mind in the process. Releasing old thinking patterns and perceptions to welcome the new. In other words, it's time for me to be brave. Time for me move forward, even if it hurts but choosing this time to respond to hurt differently. Will I be perfect in this? No. Am I determined? Yes. Because I know that there are wonderful things in store for me on the other side of this!

Amy :) 


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