31 Days of Style: Perfect Eyebrows


Hello there Beautifuls :)

This post is dedicated to all of us out there who are looking to learn how to acheive perfect eyebrows. With help from retailtherapyonlune.com, below you'll find a step by step guide that will have your brows go from blah to fabulous!

Cheers to perfect brows!

Amy :) 


Step 1:Make sure your brows are well carved and have been shaped.
Step 2:Brush them up.
Step 3:Trace the shape of the brows from underneath using short,feathery strokes with a brow pencil(you could use a Jordanna brow pencil (colour :coffee bean) which i prefer ,or a Mac eye pencil,either way,its your choice).
Step 4:Trace the upper line of your brows with your brow pencil,joining the line at the thinnest part of the brows.
Step 5: Fill in the brows(the area between both lines). N.B:make sure you don’t fill it up to the beginning of the brows!!
Step 6:Blend the pencil into the eyebrow using a brow brush or a mascara wand,the brush will extend the filling to the beginning of the brows.
Step 7:make sure the pencil is well blended into the brows and refill where necessary.
Step 8:To define/outline your brows better,highlight directly underneath &above the brows with a foundation/concealer or powder that is lighter than your skin colour and make sure its well blended.
Step 9:There u have it sweethearts,we are done,you have your “perfect eyebrows”.


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