31 Days of Style: 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Hi Beautifuls :) Happy Wednesday!

We're nine days into the new Spring season so it's a great time for us to do a bit of Spring cleaning... in our lives! In order for us to Spring Clean our lives, we need to roll up our sleeves and prepare to dig deep so that we can rid our lives of clutter, debris and other things that keep us from properly growing. 

You may be thinking, how can I began to Spring Clean my life?  Well, I'm glad you asked. Below are the 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life:

1. Spring Clean Your Spirit

There are a lot of things out here that can weigh our spirits down.  Negative words spoken by others (and ourselves), the things we watch on TV and listen to on the radio and being in unhealthy relationships are just a few.  Take inventory of those things (and people) in your life and see what  (and who) contribute to the bettering of your life and well being.  If something (or someone) doesn't make the cut, it's time to make steps towards removing it (and them) out of your life.

2. Spring Clean Your Mind

Have you taken a moment to think about what it is that you actually think about? It may surprise you! Take inventory of the thoughts that you think, especially towards yourself.  Make the decision to rid yourself of "stinking thinking"by being careful and selective of the things you think about. (Yes, you can actually choose what you want to think about!)  When choosing your thoughts and the things to meditate on, make sure it's positive and most importantly, truthful.

3. Spring Clean Your Mouth

By a show of hands, how many of  us say things that we regret later? Spring cleaning your mouth involves having the self control to watch what comes out of it.  Do you usually speak negatively or positively? Do your words build yourself and others up or do they tear down?  The old saying goes, if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.  Apply this to your life and watch how it changes.

4. Spring Clean Your Body

Think about the last seven days of your life.  What did you eat? Drink?  Do you know that what we eat and drink can negatively or positively impact our lives.  Food is fuel for our bodies but sadly, some of us, actually A LOT of us are not properly taking care of our bodies which leaves us feeling sluggish, drained and lethargic.  Instead of drinking soda, choose water and/or 100% juices.  Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs.  These small changes can lead to greater change in your health.

5. Spring Clean Your Heart

Are there some things that you would like to get off of your chest?  Are you holding on to the things that people have said and done to you that hurt your feelings? If so, your heart needs cleaning.  Spring cleaning your heart involves you finding resolution and peace for those things that have caused you be angry, bitter, sad and depressed.  If you've been holding on to unhealthy feelings, especially those that have caused you isolate yourself or act differently towards others, then it's time to clean your heart so that you can be refreshed and truly enjoy this new season!

We are well on our way to Spring cleaning our lives.  If we do the things that we know that we know we need to do, then we can truly experience the joy and peace that we truly desire in our lives.  There's no one on this Earth that should be more invested and committed to your life than you, so it's time to roll up your sleeves, prepare to dig deep and Spring clean your life so you can have and truly live the life you've always wanted to!

Amy :)


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