Sometimes, You Just Have to Start Over!

Good Afternoon Beautifuls :)

Does everyone know what a "Reset Button" is? A reset button is a button that is pressed when you want to return, restart or reset something. Now, with that being said, are there some things, relationships and/or circumstances in your life that you would like to reset? Or would you yourself like to be reset?

The great thing about having a moment to press the reset button is the opportunity it gives you to start over. Have you ever felt like you messed up big time with something or someone? Press the reset button!  Have you ever felt like you've gone too far in the wrong direction? Press the reset button! Have you ever felt like you've gotten yourself in such a mess and not sure how you got into it? Press the reset button!

Resetting things is totally different from stopping and even shutting down.  Stopping means you've decided to no longer move forward. Shutting down means you've decided to move forward physically but have shut down emotionally and even mentally. A reset is when you've decided to start things over fresh and move forward in a new and better direction.

If you need some assistance with resetting things in your life, sign up for a 60 minute coaching session at Roxie's Powder Room. During our session, we will discuss the reasons why we think the way that we do and also, what we can do to change them, therefore setting the course to change our lives!

So if you are ready to press the reset button, sign up TODAY by emailing us at! 

Amy :)


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