Everything Isn't Always What It Seems


Hi there Beautifuls!

Do you know the things can actually look worse than they are? Things can look and even feel like they're about to fall apart when in all actuality, things are falling into place?

What I mean by this is, we can have a specific viewpoint of how we believe things are supposed to go. And when they don't look that way, we believe that we failed or things are bad. For example, we get a job. And then we believe that if we work really hard, we'll get the promotion that we deserve. But after five years of being on the same job in the same position, it can seem as if we're going absolutely nowhere. We may feel stuck and even stagnant, like we're not growing or moving. But have we taken the time to consider that it may take us some time to prepare for the next level?

How many times have things not work out quite how we expected them to but it ended up benefiting us in the long run? How many times have things looked disastrous but ended up working out for our good? What I'm saying to you today is to not make final decisions just on how things look. Why? Because everything is not always what it seems. 

We have to trust things will work out even if it feels like they're not. We have to believe that things will get better even if it looks like it's getting worse. It's only a matter of time before our circumstances begin to match up with our desires. And the thing we need to concern ourselves with, is to be ready when it happens!

Amy :)


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