What Happens When the Truth Hurts Too Bad?

Happy Tuesday Beautifuls :)

We all know the popular phrase, "the truth hurts" and we also know how true this statement can be. But what happens when the truth hurts in a way that feels more painful than any truth that you've received in the past?

The first thing you must do is breathe. Take a breath as you are receiving truth. Purposely relax your breathing as you listen. 

Second, intently listen to what is being said to you. Pain can be deafening but you must activate self control and make yourself focus on what is being said over how it's making feel. 

Third, assess what's been said.  Be real with yourself and consider, then receive, what's been said. Is it possible that there are things about you that you can't see but are evident to others that need changing? 

Finally, release. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to take a walk, walk. If you need to physically release the tension that you feel as you're hearing hard truth, do so but in a way that's healthy. 

All of us receive truth differently. Some of us take it well. Some of us don't. But no matter what, even though the truth hurts, it does set us free. And it's ok to be uncomfortable for a moment in truth to be living comfortably in a lie. 

Amy :) 


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