New Day, New Week, New Month & New Year

Happy New Year Beautifuls!

Today is an extra special day and not just because it's New Year's Day. January 1, 2017 marks a new day, new week, new month AND new year! How wonderful is that!

On this day, we've had the opportunity to capture such a profound sense of newness that there's no way we should return to the mundane nor the mediocre. 

As we march right into this new year, let us boldly take every opportunity that has been taken from us to live life afresh and anew. No more turning back. No more turning away. But we're facing our futures by any means necessary to walk in all of this newness. 

So Beautifuls, let's take this thing MUCH more seriously, whatever your thing is. No longer will we let another day, week, month or year pass is by without taking advantage of the new! 

Amy :)


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