Make Sure You Catch the Lesson!


Hi there Beautifuls :) Happy Thursday! 

Every day, we have an opportunity to learn something new.  And oftentimes, we have to learn through unpleasant situations and circumstances. It's usually in the midst of adversity that we discover our character flaws, weaknesses and shortcoming. We learn what we're really made of.  So as we come face to face with the realities of who we truly are, as we come face to face with these situations and circumstances, the question is, what is it that were suppose to learn?

There are some pretty great and hard lessons we've have to learn throughout our lives. But the great thing is, we have the opportunity to apply these lessons to our lives therefore turning knowledge we've received into wisdom. Do you know we will be presented with the same situations time and time again until we get the lesson that we are suppose to learn from it? What lessons do you need to learn right now?

So Beautifuls, always catch the lesson in everything. Wherever there's conflict, friction or challenges, know that there's a lesson in there for us to learn. Does our attitudes need perfecting?  What about us needing to learn how to be responsive instead of reacting?  Whatever lesson it is that is taught, let us make sure we're in a position to catch it and then live it! 

Amy :) 


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