Fashion Friday: What is Your Image Saying?


Happy Fashion Friday Beautifuls :)

Do you really know how important your image is? How much time do you devote to improving it?

I always say that our image is our business card to the world. Our image can tell a lot about us even without us parting our lips, whether we realize it or not. No, I don't believe that we should assume a person's character based off of what they wear but I do believe that we can sense how a person is based off of how they present themselves.

The reason why our image is our business card is because it is through how we dress that we can express ourselves. We can show off our personalities. How many times have we been out shopping and we've seen a shirt or a pair of pants and said, "this looks just like my mother!" or "my best friend would LOVE this!" 

Do you take your appearance seriously? Or is it an afterthought? What do you think would happen if we took a little more time and focused on how it is that we present ourselves? And we think it's keeping you desire is The way that you present yourself through your image and appearance?

It's not too late for us to do something about this. It's not too late to revamp our wardrobe. It's not too late to start over. Make sure that before you leave out the door each day, that you love how you look. Experiment with different colors and patterns. Find out which clothes complement your body type. Have fun and as you improve your image because you always want to present your best YOU every chance that you get!

Amy :) 


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