We Are NOT Going Back!


Good Afternoon Lovebugs :)

Imagine spending a considerable amount of time cleaning your house.  You go from room to room scrubbing, dusting, sweeping and mopping, You're on your hands and knees, cleaning the hard to reach places. You're sweating, your body is aching but you're determined to finish the job.  Trash bag after trash bag is carried out, filled with things that are broken and old.  You've gone through each room making sure it's been cleaned thoroughly and effectively.  Tired, exhausted even, you stand back and look.  Behold, a clean house. Now, because of the amount of time and energy you spent on cleaning your house, you will go to drastic lengths to make sure your house stays clean... or will you?

Trials and tribulations give us an opportunity to purge, prune and refine ourselves. They will also cause us to face those actions, behaviors and thoughts that keep us in bondage, stagnant and unfit.  Impurities rise to the surface allowing us the opportunity to overcome them and be delivered and set free.  This is similar to us cleaning our houses as mentioned above.  The issue is once we are cleansed and purified, some of us will return back to the very things that we were cleansed of, therefore making us "dirty" all over again!

We have a choice to make Lovies.  We can walk in freedom, peace and deliverance remain OR we can return to those things that we've been cleansed from (inaccurate perceptions, bad attitudes and unfruitful habits), therefore REstarting the cleansing, purging and refining stage all over again. 

The choice is ours... let's keep our houses clean!

Amy :)


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