Soulful Sunday: Let's Do It!

Happy Sunday Lovebugs :)

Oh! My! Goodness!  This is the last Sunday of 2016 and the last Soulful Sunday of 2016 here at Roxie's Powder Room. So much has happened over the course of this year. We've had some good times and some growing times. We've had some happy moments and some challenging ones. Through it all, we're still here. 

As we're on the cusp of 2017, we're approaching all of the wonderful things we're believing to happen for us. Some of us are hoping for new jobs. Others, new opportunities. Whatever it is that we're believing to happen, it's up to us to "just do it!" 

What does it mean to just do it?

It means that it's time to do whatever you know you need to do to make sure you succeed. It means doing what you know you need to do chase after your dreams and desires. It means going after those opportunities that you know will lead you closer and closer to what you've been destined to become. 

What if I told you that it's all up to us if we want 2017 to be a year full of blessings?  

What if I told you that it will require us to do some things we've never done before to get some things we've never had?

Whatever it is that needs to be done, let's make the decision to JUST DO IT!

Amy :)


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