No Matter What, Don't Give Up!



Happy Tuesday Beautifuls!

On this beautiful Tuesday afternoon, I just want to tell you all to be encouraged. There may be a lot of things going on in the world and even going on in your own life but I want you to continue to be the best you, even as you're changing you into an even better you.

We will encounter so many circumstances and situations that will test our character, our strength and even our dedication. But the thing is, we can't give up. We have to keep moving forward. We have to keep pressing towards those things that we've been believing for. Imagine what would happen if we gave up RIGHT now? What would happen if we threw in the towel right now? Think about all of those nights that we stayed up praying and crying. Think about all of those times where we could have given up but we didn't. We are too close to what it is that we desire to give up now!

So I want to tell you Beautifuls, be encouraged and keep going! Even if it looks like we're not making any progress, we are! Today is another day for us to move forward in the things that we  truly love, desire and want. Don't let anything or anyone stop you from moving forward, not even you!

Hold on beautiful!
Amy :)!


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