It's After Christmas.... Now What?

Happy Last Week of 2016 Beautifuls!

It's after Christmas.. now what? Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas has commenced and the gift wrapping and counting down has ceased, what now? 

That's a good question. 

Well, usually we start preparing for the new year. We gather together our New Years resolutions, which consist of the things that we are and the things we are not gonna do in the new year to come. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with having resolutions. There's nothing wrong with wanting to do things differently. I just don't want is so wrapped up in the idea of the season of a new year, that when the season passes, we're still not moving in the direction of newness. 

Let us truly consider the state of our lives right now. Let us consider the things that we want to change but also consider the changes that need to take place in order to get and be what we want. 

Now that Christmas has come and gone, you don't have to return to your regularly scheduled program. You can continue on with excitement and thrill as you move towards the new year but more importantly, the new you!

Amy :)


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