Everyone Doesn't Think Like Us... and That's Ok

Happy Thursday Beautifuls :)

Everyone is suppose to think the way we do... right? Everyone is suppose to do and say things the way we do right? 

Not exactly. 

See, we're all different. We look different. Walk t. We even dress different. But the thing is, sometimes we interpret different as wrong. We think if something is done the opposite way of how we are use to it being done, then it's wrong.

But what happens if we can come to the same conclusion of a thing by different methods?  What if you and I have the same end result but the way that we arrived there, was different? Does that mean you're wrong? Or am I?

Everyone doesn't think the way that we do and that's OK. Because we are so use to our routines and the way we go about doing things, the moment that someone shows up and begins to do the direct opposite of what it is that we do, we can become hesitant to be accepting simply because that's not how we do things. 

But what if in that moment we're being shown how to do the same thing but in a new thing? 

So Beautifuls, whenever someone does something in a way that we're not used to, let's take a second and consider if this is an opportunity for us to learn how to do what we usually do in a new way. We will NEVER stop learning and we don't want to hinder any opportunities for us to learn something new!

Amy :) 


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