Do You Know Why You Are Where You Are?

Happy Tuesday Beautifuls!

I want you to think about where you are right now.  Think about where you are in your personal life and your private life.  Think about where you are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Now, do you know why you are where it is that you are?

Quite frankly, we are where we are because of the combination of the decisions that we've made.  Now many of you may be thinking, I didn't decide nor choose to be here! And guess what, I believe you! We may not have exactly chose to be here but nevertheless, we are because of either the things we did do or the things that we did not do.  You're at this job because you didn't apply for that one.  You're in this home because you weren't financially responsible with your money to live in that one.  You're still not married to the one because you are still in the process of becoming the one.

I understand that some of you may not agree with me as far as this post is concerned and that's ok.  What I don't want you to miss is the responsibility that you and I have and must take in our own lives!  No one else can live our lives for us BUT us.

So Beautifuls, when taking an account of wherever it is that we are in our lives, let us be ready to take responsibility and accountability.  Own up to the decisions that weren't so great.  Continue on growing in the ones that actually were.  No matter what, if you don't like where you are right now in your life, think about what got you there in the first place and then do something about it to change it!

Amy :)


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