Do We Know How Good We Really Have It?


Hello there Lovebugs!

I want you to take a moment and think about your life. I want you to reflect. I want you to ponder. I want you to observe. Think about the great moments.  Think about the pressing moments. Think about it all. 

As you're thinking about your life, I want you to let this fact sink in: THIS IS YOUR LIFE! This is the life that God has given you, the life that He chose for you to live. Now, what you do with that life is up to you. You can choose to be active or be passive. You can choose to live it or just survive. You can choose to be the best or settle for mediocrity. Whatever you choose, it's up to you. 

Whatever you choose Lovebugs, know that you do have it good. You are alive. You're in your right mind (most of the time :) ). You're given a chance every day to make the day better than the one before it. In all that you experience in your life, always make a point to be grateful. Because through it all, even if with the rough and tough times of your life, you still have it good!

Amy :)


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