Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: What Can I Expect When Things Change?

Happy Wednesday Beautifuls :)

We all know that there is a process that takes place whenever we are changing. Whether we're changing jobs, changing relationships or even changing our clothes, there's a process that we go through. 

Some of us struggle in this process of change because we quite frankly don't know what to expect. We believe that every day should be filled with sunshine and no rain and even  if we do experience those days that are rough, we think something's wrong and we must've missed it somewhere.

Whenever there's an opportunity for us to change, we will be faced with the unfamiliar and the uncomfortable. Think about it: if things are still the same, then that means nothing has change. So when we go through situations that are new to us, we can be sure that something has changed, whether it's you or your circumstance. 

Next year, I will be giving you the opportunity again to be a part of our group session entitled "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life". In this group session, we will talk about the process of change as well as discover why we think the way we do and what can we do to change it.

If you are interested in getting more information about this group session, you can email me at Let me help you change your thoughts so that you can change your life!

Amy :) 


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