Can You Celebrate Your Friends?


Good Afternoon Beautifuls :)

Did you know that celebrating others doesn't take anything away from you? Did you know that there's more than enough blessings to around? So why do we struggle with complimenting each other?

As I sit here, I think about the struggles that I've have concerning this. I thought that any attention that I had would somehow "leave" me and go to the person who was being complimented. Therefore, leaving me with "nothing" and feeling forgotten about. But then, I discovered I had self esteem issues. I had to find my self worth through A LOT of praying, fasting and spending time with God. I learned that giving someone attention or recognition didn't take anything away from me actually. It actually put me in a position to "share" the attention I "had" by giving it to someone else. In other words, I had to change the way I looked at things because my perception was off!

Can you celebrate your friends and love ones and still be alright?  Can the attention shift to someone else and you still be ok?

It's always great to be celebrated, especially during special occasions. What I want us to know Beautifuls, is that celebrating others doesn't mean we're going to be deprived. We can actually experience even more joy when we participate in the happiness and joy of others!

Amy :)


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